How To Remove Annoying Studio Start Guis, Pop-ups, and Widgets


Problem: I don’t know how to make studio start up the way I want it. This is what it opens to:

This is how I would like it to open:

The pop-up is a annoying warning that I have been getting sense the start of time. I use team create because it automatically saves my work(tell me is there is a better way) though I still work alone.

The other things like unwanted Widgets, Collapsed Tool Bar, and output pull of meaningless crap is just as annoying.

Can someone tell me a way to get rid of this stuff.


I guess nobody knows?


The pop-up you are getting is from scripts that didn’t save properly or something.

Most likely you crashed one day and ignored the pop-up the next time you opened studio.
I believe solution would be to open the script recovery widget and delete (or otherwise solve) everything.

The game explorer panel is a known issue at the moment.

A lot of the stuff in the output appears to be from plugins, too. Roblox Studio usually just opens with a few errors to do with loading assets and nothing else.