How to remove backdoors (The way I do it.)

Hey, I’m Levitate and I’m going to be showing you the way I remove viruses/backdoors from my game.

First of all what is a backdoor?

Backdoor is something exploiters use to have access to do anything in your game, even with the addition of FE (Filtering Enabled) it’s as if FE wasn’t even a thing, they do this by putting a script in your game usually with a model, and that script will give them access to your game scripts, and everything in your game.
Sorry I’m really bad at explaining this…

Anyways here’s how I remove them, first of all when I get a lot of models I usually go through them and check the scripts it has, for example!

As you can see there’s this model of a tree, that I’m going to grab.

And when you spawn it in and check it it looks just like a regular tree

But when you go over the tree’s parts you can see this

Now you may wonder why a tree would have a script, and when you go inside the script here’s what it is:

Here it is a require, require is the most common form that exploiters use to infect the games.

I’m not saying every require is gonna be a backdoor but when it looks like this, and it’s on a model that shouldn’t have any scripting, then you know it’s a backdoor.

Now you know how to find a backdoor, but the way I do it is after I’m done going through my models, I run a popular virus/backdoor scanner that should remove the remaining virus that I may not have caught while going over, this won’t catch everything but it will catch some things and it’s better to be certain.

Here’s a link to it:

I hope this tutorial helped, I did my best writing it. Hopefully this helped you and if you have any questions or concerns just let me know and I will try to answer you!



Nice, though This is my way of doing it.
I don’t like Ro-Defender since one time it deleted one of my server-scripts. I mainly use Kronos.
( It usually detects F3X as a backdoor, i don’t know why but it usually doesn’t detect false reports. It tells you what script it detects in the output and you can search it up in the Explorer. EDIT: Oh! It also detects anything in your inventory for backdoors, but you must have your inventory on.


It has never deleted any of my scripts but I highlighted your message in my post so other people can see it, thanks for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a question that came in my mind can’t you simply turn of “Allow Third Party Sales” from the settings menu?

I recommend using this plugin made by @Dan_PanMan which has been very useful to me, there were many backdoors put in mine game and when I used his plugin it got rid of them with no hesitation at all, and it is very fast, takes around 1 min of your time.

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