How to remove Filter Properties?

First off I want to talk about the issues of the Filter Bar, I’ve grown so frustrated by its inability to do anything other than ruin my work flow. You cannot clear History of this “Tab” I’d like to call it as I do not know what it mainly is, however, if you scroll past it accidentally (even when not selected) it will select previous searches that I can’t even get rid of.

Another point I’m trying to come across is that even if Roblox allows you to clear your history with the Filter Properties/Workspace Bar, it’s very hidden as after years of trying to find it I still can’t. Quite annoying fact is that even if you do find a way to clear it, it will continue to impede on your workflow.


I’ve used this feature roughly 1,507,712,996 times and only 0 were intentional. I see this feature as absolutely useless as we already have a scroll bar you can use along with an organized workspace (if you have the capabilities of being a good dev).

If you have any information about how I can remove this disgusting bar I would love to hear it as it would absolutely make my day and no longer impede on my workflow.

I would kindly like to ask that you do not redirect me to “feature-suggestions” as I obviously lack access, however, if you wish to help me further or tell me I have missed something, I will gladly listen.

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Apparently, @Bug-Support supports feature requests… Just saying.

No, you cannot disable it. Roblox STILL has the problem where it automatically focuses the text box for searching and makes you type in it when your playtest. It’s been happening for almost a year.

To delete the entries, you must clear some very obscure value in the Roblox registry folder. Might as well delete the whole thing (unless you’re proud of your layout settings).