How to remove mobile roblox guis?

Hello! I wanted to remove roblox guis which appears on mobile and tablet devices. Here is a picture of them:

Also that is what I tried to do:

game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui"):WaitForChild("TouchGui"):WaitForChild("TouchControlFrame"):WaitForChild("Frame").Visible = false

But when I ran this on mobile it still didn’t work. What can I do to remove these guis?

Destroy the entire touchgui:

put the script inside of a localscript in the startercharacterscripts

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There’s actually a better method using ModalEnabled, a property of UserInputService that runs for mobile players.

@Lie_Star, read up on that and you should get a pleasant result.

EDIT: A read through the Disabling Game Interface article can help a bit if needed.

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