How to remove rainbow colours from transparent image?

Here is the current image on an ImageLabel.

I would like it to not have the rainbow tint at the edges. It is probably related to the transparency.
How can it be fixed?

I don’t think it is the transparency. This happens to me a lot with photo editing. Here is a fix:

  1. Go to editing software that has a drawing feature
  2. Zoom in and use the “Pick Color Tool” to pick the color of the “Rainbow”(It looks like it’s just red to me.)
  3. Go to the brush and draw a small dot with that color
  4. Go to the “Fill Bucket Tool” and turn on the “Color Replace Entire Image” option.
  5. With the bucket tool, change the color to black, and click the small dot with the tool.
  6. Erase the dot, and it should work.
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there are at least 5 colours… I will try your method tommorow though

I see two colors actually, blue and red. You can go ahead and change the small dot color as much as you want.

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but woudn’t you end up with the same problem after fixing it? Having to make it transparent again and then the rainbow tint comes back

tbh I should just get a proper editing software so I can export it as transparent instead of all of this mess

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