How to remove Roblox's 3D/Animated-Type Faces? (and give players back their classic faces?)

So I’ve been trying to disable Roblox’s 3D/Animated-Type Faces and give players back their original face.

I’ve Disabled “MeshPartHeadAndAccessories” in Workspace, and it removed the square part in the mouth:



This is good, progress. But the actual 3D face is still there. I’m trying to remove the 3D face and bring back the actual classic face.

I then disabled “EnableDynamicHeads” which apparently according to other forums should of disabled it (If I read them correctly).

But the 3D face is still there, I’ve even tried restarting studio and going in the actual game from the roblox website.

Does anyone else know the solution or what could help? Thanks

What I have:

What I want: (Example from Swordburst 3)

Accidentally solved it myself. I was removing the packages to anyone who joined my game, and also “removed” the pack of a head? lol. It completely removes the 3D face effect and gives back the classic face :smiley:

this is the code that I used that made it work:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

		-- Make sure we're working with a workspace character.
		while not character.Parent do
		-- Sometimes character loading is really weird, I'd rather be safe than sorry in regards to grabbing a reference to the humanoid.
		local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid", 5)
		if humanoid then -- If the humanoid does not exist, don't try to work with it.
			local descriptionClone = Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(player.CharacterAppearanceId)
			descriptionClone.Head = 0
			descriptionClone.LeftArm = 0
			descriptionClone.LeftLeg = 0
			descriptionClone.RightArm = 0
			descriptionClone.RightLeg = 0
			descriptionClone.Torso = 0

^Removes Head’s “Package”

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