How to remove the ribbon in roblox studio

Hello everyone,

Question is simple but a bit hard to answer, I want to remove the studio interface and make it focus on the game screen but modification of studio is so hard that I could only remove the explorer and properties tab.

let me know if you have any solutions to this, I want my roblox studio to look like an actual game client

I believe there is a small allow pointing downwards inside studio. Im on my phone so i cant show any examples sadly

ik about that, sadly what I want is to remove the stuff on the top bar like home, edit, view etc.

I think your best bet is to find a plugin that lets you fullscreen Studio view, but I have no idea how they would do that in the first place honestly

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You can drag out the game view from studio

I can do that but I want all the other tabs running in the back to be closed also I want to do it so that only game view opens when studio is opened.

there’s no plugin like that in the first place as far as I know.

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