How to render parts that need to be created when youre close to them?

So I want to base rendering off of 1 part of my ocean. This specific part is a flat plane, and I want it to clone along the sides of each face that you’re close to. How can I achieve this?

What the big games do, like assassin’s creed loading screen is probably duplicate the part same part (or model) and move it a couple of studs towards where the player is moving
(on the client of course)

How would this look? Also how can I determine if they’re close enough to load that next model or part?

My main problem with this, is i’m using an animated ocean so duplicating water will likely cause meshes to collide inside of eachother if I don’t know what I’m doing.

for the first question,
Magnitude would be favourable with each heartbeat

for the second,
could you show me a picture of how the ocean looks?

It’s a flat plain, when you join the game it animates as a skinned mesh.