How to replicate these chains physics?

So I’m making this game and I want to know how to make the chain start attach on the player and the chains move around when the player moves.

I want the chain to be added on the player after they die so I don’t think I can simply rig it on the player. So how can I add this on the player with realistic chain physics?

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Try setting their transparency and can collide to off, So whenever they do die you could just set them to true with a script.

EDIT: for the physics you can mess around with constraints I believe until it looks right.

Which constraint should I use?

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I don’t know specifically there are definitely youtube videos on how to use them, I just know the basic premise of what they do.

You can try using the BallSocketConstraint. It is a constraint that allows free 360° movement. However, with chains you wouldn’t want complete movement, so you can mess around with the LimitsEnabled property of the constraint to make it so the chains don’t go through each other. Or you could just set CanCollide for the chains too true, although given how small they are and Roblox physics, they might get stuck inside each other occasionally.

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Are you creating the chain of fate from Bleach?