How to represent WW2 Germany?

Hello! Like many people out there I am very intrigued by the WW2 genre of games. But there is an elephant in the room, WW2 Germany.

My concern and goal;
I want to represent WW2 Germany as accurate as possible, but this means I need to be careful with Roblox ToS (Specifically the guidelines on discrimination and Nazism) and I want to check in with the community to achieve my game’s safety meanwhile representing Germany more in-detail than games like Operation Overlord and Operation Market Garden RP2.

My current thoughts on how to do this are as follows;
Replace all Swastikas with the Iron Cross.
Represent and refer the leader of Germany as the Führer, not Hitler.
Extensively inform the players of the group of the ToS and have overly strict measures for breaking them.
No Historical Figures.
Focus on purely the warfare and diplomatic aspects of WW2. (No Holocaust representation)

What I require;
A replacement for the Swastika.
Keeping the colors of the nation and flag as similar as possible.
No breaking of the Roblox ToS.

Please leave feedback on how to achieve this or issues I may encounter.


The classical WW1 striped German flag might be to good use, perhaps?
German Empire 1871-1918

Day of Defeat seems to use the Iron Cross.

Führer means leader in German. Too bad Hitler titled himself that, and it turns out to be more complicated.


These all sound great except

Fuhrer is censored in 13+ chat in Roblox. Is there any way to not refer to him, or just call him “leader of Germany”?


Well no, I have to disagree. Reference these two games I play quite often.

Thank you for informing me! Yeah we’ll have to find a different name then.

I am aware of this, I don’t want too much correlation to WW1 so I feel like this would lead to that. This will be my option if I can’t find a better representation. Do you also happen to know if this would work? (This is my ideal flag)


It is probably valid, considering a lack of any symbolism of nazism(unless we dug a little further).


Thank you. I figured that sort of but I was unsure because I don’t see any games utilizing something like this. This solves my symbolism issue which was the major one.

Day of Defeat doesn’t use any swastikas as far as I know. Only the Iron Cross. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to bump, but I think I have valuable information.
Refer to him if completely needed as “Bad mustache man”