How to resize parts of a rig properly?

I´m trying to make a long arm humanoid. So I resized the arm and copy/paste the same rig attachment world position from upper torso Right/LeftShoulderRigAttachment so they match at the same coordinate in respective arm.
However when I run the game, the arms untie. What am I forgetting?

Check the Humanoid properties. It should have one that keeps the original size.

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Yes, it has a verctor3 object value called Original Size in each member. But I want to make the arm longer… how should I do that?

Maybe try the post I linked below:

As they said you should just be able to change the player/rig’s Humanoid Value seeing as the Humanoid is kind of the main hub where you can find that sort of stuff.


Apparently it sets the scale of the humanoid proportionally. I´m actually trying to scale only the arms. But I´ll try it … thanks!

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Unfortunately roblox offers no real easy way to do this, they only allow you to scale the height, width, head size, and such.

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Yeap … I end up re-scaling by script and adjusting by animation editor … it is not what I wanted but it works … thanks!