How to resize past size limit?

So I created an AK-47 using Blender and imported it into Roblox. When I inserted it into Workspace, I realized it was too big, and I attempted to resize it. However, after a certain point, it stopped resizing, and it was because that the trigger(I made it a separate object) had reached the size limit.

Is there a way I can resize it past this point? Although I can just resize and re-export in Blender, I would NOT like to do that. Maybe plugins like F3X could be able to do that, but I would like to be sure whether it is even remotely possible to resize past the limit of 0.05 studs.

Thank you in advance.

The only way I know of getting blocks below 0.05 is using BlockMeshes. Positioning them afterwards is a bit finnicky, though

But how would they work with MeshParts?
Edit: They don’t work.

Here is where it stopped, by the way.

Ah, I didn’t realize it was a MeshPart. You could possibly try using a normal part with a SpecialMesh, setting the SpecialMesh to the trigger file, and playing with the scale?

Sorry if that doesn’t work. I’m a bit underexperienced with MeshParts lol

Could there be any other solution to this? I don’t like working with SpecialMeshes that much.

Not that I know of. Like I said, I don’t have much experience with custom meshes and the like.

I hope it ends up working out for you, though. The gun looks really cool :+1:

Actually, SpecialMeshes won’t work because it is a multi-mesh file.

MeshParts are also similar to BaseParts. If you know a way to scale a regular part to under 0.05 studs, that would be great.

Turns out I just needed Model Resize, and it worked! My only issue is that the trigger is a little large on an axis, but other than that, it worked! Thanks for your help anyways!

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Lol, it was late and the Model Resize plugin completely skipped my mind. Best of luck