How to resolve this texture reflectance issue?

Hi! This is my first ever Forum Post, so don’t abuse me if I do something wrong.

But, I have a question that has concerned me for some time.

(From the game

This image shows a reflectance when using Textures. I was wondering how I remove this when reflectance is set to 0?


This image is another example, in my own studio game.
I feel like this issue is restricting my use of textures when developing as it is taking away the feel of games that I want the textures to bring.

This is somewhat useful when creating puddles though, that’s the only benefit I can find.

If anybody has any solutions/ fixes, please help!

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I don’t believe there is a way to change the reflectance, BUT there is kind of a hack to make it less reflective. If you are using textures, change the ROBLOX preset material of whatever it is to Fabric. Fabric is the least reflective material, and light influence on your mesh will be much lower.

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