How to retexture an obj file?

So im new to 3d modelling and im attempting to retexture some object files. I have this free 3d model ai generator made by chatgpt and it works fine except sometimes it has issues with textures so does anybody have some good tutorials or something to help me retexture? This is the website to ai generate if anyone wants it.

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There are multiple ways you can textures models, some names like Subtance painter (paid), photoshop (paid) or gimp (free). I would recommend you to learn about images editing to get a grip of this then you can learn to make textures the way you like it.

Please please do not use Artificial Intelligence to model. The models are nearly impossible to edit (both the geometry and the texture), are terribly built, and Roblox doesn’t even allow them to be imported due to the tris limit.

I recommend you learn how to model using a program such as Blender.

i know how to use photopea which is a website version of photoshop? Can you link some tutorials now or something?

the model is fine the textures just suck sometimes. and how do i lower the tris limit? do i just import it in different parts for roblox?