How to reuse mesh IDs from imported objects?

My game’s map is fully laid out in a Blender scene. This map reuses many of the same meshes (such as crates).

To cut down on loading times, I want these identical objects to have the same mesh ID within Roblox. That way, Roblox only has to load the geometry of these identical parts once. (For example, I could have ten crates in my scene. If they all have the same mesh ID, Roblox would only need to load the geometry for one crate and then duplicate it nine times. )

When saving all of the meshes individually and bulk importing them into my game, however, the identical meshes all have different mesh IDs.

I could just import a singular mesh and duplicate it however many times it’s used in the scene. However, this would involve me having to move/rotate each individual asset to its exact location within the Blender scene. Is there a way to import meshes from my Blender scene into Roblox and have the identical meshes all share the same mesh ID?

Not sure if this is the answer you want, but you can try grouping the meshes and exporting them from Roblox and then import them back; I think it also saves the location data of the model; If it doesn’t, then copy the model’s position and paste it to the mesh; You can also Join the Meshes in Blender and import it to Roblox. (Sorry for my bad English)

Apologies for the late reply.

I’m looking for their to be multiple meshpart instances that share the same meshID.

Lets say I have two duplicate crate meshes. I want these meshes to have the same meshID so as to not have to load the geometry two times.

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Did you ever find a solution? I’m in the exact same predicament myself now