How to revert to the old player list?

Is there any possible way to revert to the old player list in the top right? Well now it’s not just in the top right anymore, but covering a way bigger area.

It just doesn’t look good, neither does it in my game.


For now, and in the far future, I doubt there will ever be a way to revert it back, just like the old player list from the 2014 era. Personally I don’t like the new player either, this change was kind of uneeded in my opinion.

The only way to bring back the old one is, to disable the player list using :SetCoreGuiEnabled(), and have a custom player list that looks like the old one, it would be a pain to work with though.


There is no way to revert this change. If you don’t like the new player list you should make a feature request or post on the announcement explaining your concerns.

As a sort of workaround solution you could make a custom player list for your game. This way you will have full control over what it looks like and how it works.


Once roblox updates something it cannot be reverted back, only roblox can undo/redo the changes.

Though you can make yourself a custom player list just like the old one.


As the others have said above: Only Roblox can revert this change, I believe they are currently only experimenting to see players opinions and feedbacks: and so far people dislike it meaning it will most likely be reverted: not a guarantee but it’s a possibility.


I say disable the current one and try to re create it and use that instead.


I don’t know if this is a mistake or not but I am aware that only Roblox can revert this change.

Well yes that can be a possibility but that doesn’t mean it is will happen;
Roblox has deleted and added many things in the past for eg the removal of tix;
Many players disliked it but Roblox didn’t reverse that decision back.
Although Comparing the removal of tix to something like adding the new leaderboard would be a little over exaggerating.

Yet again we can’t really guess what action Roblox will take.


Yeah exactly, like I said " not a guarantee but it’s a possibility.", but usually Roblox listens to their DevForum feedback and will most likely revert it, like they did in the past.


The issue with the new in my opinion is simply following basic principles of game design. If it’s not needed hide it.
The reason the old one trumps the new is because it’s not pretentious and in your face. Yes the design is good but it’s also frustrating and distracting. UI should display important information for the player in a way that best fits within that “universe”. The new UI ignores these rules in search of aesthetic improvements and what costs come what may.


I totally agree! Especially the “distracting” part, I made a #discussion post the ability to swich between the 2 player lists, it will be post approved soon, hopefully of course.


I agree, Its massive and it was an unneeded update it just looks horrible on my screen.