PlayerList Updates

Hello Developers,

We have been hard at work addressing your comments and concerns about the new player list and want to show you the solutions we came up with before we release this again.

PlayerList Offset
We have changed the offset from the top and side of the screen to be much smaller based on your feedback. Previously this was 24 pixels and in the updated version we have decreased it to 4 pixels.

PlayerList Size
We updated the size of the leaderboard to match the old size of the leaderboard in the horizontal direction. Here are some images with both the old leaderboard and the new leaderboard for size comparisons.

On games with a smaller number of max players (6 - 12), where you might have designed your UI with a certain pixel leaderboard height in mind we have updated the leaderboard to clamp at the max height of the old leaderboard. So in a game with 8 players and no teams the old leaderboard would not have taken up more than 208 pixels so the new leaderboard will not take up more space than that.

Leaderstat abbreviation
We changed how the leaderstat abbreviation works so that we only start abbreviating after 6 digits. We also changed the abbreviation to always round towards zero so that users will not think they have hit a milestone or can buy an item before they are able to.

Window Resize
In the new version of the PlayerList, we automatically resize the leaderboard’s max size based on the size of the window that the game is running in. This means if you resize the window the playerlist height will adjust to be no more than 50% of the window height.

Let us know what you think of the changes!

Game Experience Team


Since the previous announcement, has the plans for the change to the rank order has changed?

Specifically in regards to STAR members, staff and the owner being above blocked,


It looks pretty clean, and nice. I like this one but the old was was better!


Yes, we have updated the priorities so that blocked now has the highest priority. Here is the new ordering:

Priority Icon
1 You blocked this player
2 This player is your friend
2 This player sent you a friend request
3 The owner of the current game
4 Roblox Admin
5 Roblox Intern
6 Roblox Influencer
7 You’re following this player
7 You follow each other (same icon as above)
8 This player has Premium

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Still don’t think I can support the change of the leaderboard since the style is still so unnaturally jarring and unneeded. I’d probably be better off creating my own leaderboards.

The colour difference between the topbar and the player list is very noticeable. The new leaderboard uses a darker shade of grey or a darker transparency and that doesn’t fit in tandem with the topbar. All current CoreGuis, from what I’ve observed, make an effort to be relatively the same in tone of colour and transparency - this includes the Lua Chat System. From Studio:

The scroll bar, annoyingly, still has not been addressed since the previous iteration. At the very least if there is some kind of unresolvable conflict that is preventing the scroll bar from rendering on top of the Gui elements, please pad the elements of the player list such that they do not overlap the scroll bar. It’s absolutely horrid to look at.


Last complaint really is about the way names are displayed. Could, in some capacity, we be allowed to manually resize the leaderboard? I’m looking at one of the images where there are no teams or leaderstats and names are getting truncated at short lengths. The old leaderboard, due to the text being small, was typically able to fit all 20 characters of usernames on each line. I don’t really want names being truncated, I’d rather they all be able to be wholly seen.


Right now, one of the only things that I am pleased about regarding the leaderboard is automatic leaderstat abbreviation, which is wonderful. Having to make strange workarounds for abbreviating numbers is a straight pain, especially for newer developers. Not having to worry about this puts the mind at ease in having large numbers show without needing to manually abbreviate.

On a separate but completely off-topic note,

Avatar Loading Events communication/addressing please?


This is a much better process than the last time. I applaud the GET for seeking community input on the new playerlist before releasing it.

Will the new playerlist offer customization options, like font changes, without requiring a fork?


Glad to see that blocking players now has the highest priority. Shouldn’t the same be done for following though? A lot of users will find it important to know if they are following anyone above, such as a staff member or an influencer they like.
Also, is there no icon for someone following you but you aren’t following them back?


Perhaps I’m being to critical, but will you fix the lines going through the scroll bar?
EDIT: Just realized @PostApproval posted about the same thing. :sweat_smile:


Also did not even know that the leaderstat abbreviations rounded up! Good to see a minor bug like that fixed though.

I also love how a client’s name will be highlighted in a “bolded” text, looks a lot nicer than the yellow.

And for last, is there a date for when this is going to be pushed?
I joined a few games (Jailbreak, and an empty game on my profiel) and did not see the new player list.


Overall, looks great! The recently updates (luau, type checking, gradients, etc.) have been fantastic!


Looks much better than the one that got reverted a few days after release. I do prefer the 2015 board ( the one before this one, the one we are typically used to ). I think this is a bit too modern, doesn’t find the “Roblox” style that I know. A lot of players will be upset, but it doesn’t look bad at all. But I’d scale it down, it seems a bit too large.


This is much better! Only issue I have with it now is that there’s still a lot of padding around rows - it might look better if it was halved, possibly with a supporting reduction in the font size to stop it feeling too claustrophobic.

Other than that, these are welcome changes!

edit: I’ll explain why; even with the new size maximums, it still feels like each row takes up way too much space, especially compared to the old design. The player list should definitely err on the side of more compact, dense information display; after all, there’s often lots of players and lots of stats to keep track of.


Well, looks like community feedback worked, and this is way better than the original new player list.

But will we be able to edit the PlayerList (color, text, etc.) to our own likings?


Was this a typo? Otherwise could you explain what it means?


We plan on addressing the scroll bar problem as soon as possible but we need to update ScrollingFrames to do this properly.


It’s most definitely an improvement, however it doesn’t match the other UI on the screen, and the default size is still too big.
As others mentioned, the top bar makes it too noticeable, also the chat ui and any other UI in-game right now.


Will the date of the player list change be announced before it goes live? Also, since we know some other core UI updates might be in the works (thanks clonetrooper!), maybe it’d be a good idea to defer this and update it all at once to keep the look consistent?


I believe it is much better since its last appearance, I’ll admit.

However, it still seems to not match the style of all of the remaining UI. This leaderboard is darker.

Besides that, the only thing that bothers me a bit is how many less players the new leaderboard can fit at once. You could see more players with the old leaderboard, but now the size of each player frame in the leaderboard is bigger.


I prefer the old player list it was simple


This is great!
Hope something similar to this happens to the other player list/menu.