How to rig a model?

I am trying to make it so that a pet can be animated.
I have a tested script but my pet wont move because its rigged incorrectly.

Here is how my model is currently rigged:


Here are some additional notes:

  • All the parts are unanchored and welded to the head but the head is anchored so the model cant be moved

  • I have a humanoid and I didnt change any properties

  • I have a part named head

This Rig doesn’t seem to have a Torso.

I thought torsos werent required. Also where would I even put my torso considering its this:

I don’t know, but the rig needs a part named “Torso” connected to a part named “Head”.

what if I made a invisible part named torso?

That would work.

I watched a video on how to rig a model and I added the torso and everything and it even lets me animate it but I still cant use MoveTo() on the humanoid.

Here is my pet:

Why cant I do moveTo() to make the character walk to a position?

  • It works when I do it on my own character
  • it doesnt work when I do it on my custom rig

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