How to rig a non humanoid model correctly for animating?

I’m trying to rig this ball for animating. Basically, the top half should be seperate from the bottom half, so it can open, however, I still need to be able to animate the whole ball as one.

My problem is I can’t animate the whole ball in 1 motion, only the 2 halves

I can animate the top to open

But there’s no way for me to animate the whole ball, like if say I want it to shake side to side

Its important you make sure you have a “central” part, on a character model it is Torso/LowerTorso.

Make sure the rig “web” originates from one part and moves outwards. That part will then move everything in one go.

Hope that makes sense, if it doesnt lmk I have a few rigs I can use to demonstrate.

On this specific rig, Id recommend something like a hinge on the back of the ball, it would feel pretty central and would logically connect to both sides of the pokeball!

(Soz for editing so many times if im editing while you’re reading)

With the hinge you’d want the rig to connect as follows
Hinge > Top > TopDetails
Hinge > Bottom

I tried adding a central part, and now I can’t do the opening :confused:

When I move top

When I move mid nothing seems to happen

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How do you rig your models?

I use RigEdit, which is a very useful plugin. I have not experienced an issue like that before but I’ll see if I can recreate it and come up for a solution!

Someone else who sees this post may have more insight.

If you haven't used rigedit before, some useful info

You select two parts by holding shift and clicking on the ‘root’ part first, and the part you’d like it to influence second. Make sure everything moves outwards from the root part.

You can then change the pivot point by moving these indicators!