How to Rig Blocky Character In Blender

For the past 3 days I have been suffering trying to make a custom character for roblox, The modelling part is fine but the part im struggling with is the rigging.

I want smooth bends when you rotate the arm or legs but I cant seem to do that.
I have watched tutorials on rigging but they dont seem to apply to a blocky robloxy character
If anyone could help or link something that would be great, thanks.

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by the way I tried already removing the hand bone but doesnt seem to have any effect

It looks like your problem is that there are not enough vertices around the joints. Add some loop cuts around the elbows until it seems to be to your liking.

(Side note, the inside of the elbow may require fewer vertices than the outside, just merge them together.

Alternatively, if you already have the loop cuts there, your problem instead is going to be the weight painting, which tells blender which vertices belong to which bone. I cannot give any advice on weight painting because I always do it wrong, so if the automatic weights option is not working, you may need to find a tutorial on weight painting.

Thanks for the comment!, I figured out the issue yesterday, it was improper weight painting, after following tutorials I managed to get satisfactory result.

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