How to rig this type of model? (Pantograph)

So I’m trying to rig this pantograph however I’m having trouble rigging it. I always get an error in the Animation Editor that multiple Motor6D’s are in the same mesh or something like that. So I’m confused, theres other versions oof pantographs that are single arms. Those were easier to rig.

So how can I rig this type of pantograph?

  • And if there is no way to do so without getting an error, is there a way I can get this thing to work via raycasting or something?


I’m still really new and probably about to tell you a bunch of stuff that you already know… Sorry :grimacing:

As I understand it, the multiple M6 error is because you’ve got a M6 going off the part, and also one coming into the part.

Assuming the HRP is where the base is, I would weld the base to the HRP, then M6 from base to HA1, base to HA2, etc.

That being said I have no idea what this contraption is, although it looks fascinating, so now I’ma go google what it does.

Its a pantograph, its a device used by electric locomotives and trains to collect electricity from the overhead catenary running above it. the pantograph collects the electricity and that electric current is converted into energy via a transformer, which then drives the traction motors that gets the train moving.

One solution I thought of was to make an invisible surface directly on the plane of the electric lines where you want the pantograph to make contact, then send a raycast from the bottom of the pantograph to the invisible surface (ignoring the pantograph itself), then you just set the orientation of the top part of the pantograph to the normal of the raycastresult.

Idk how you’re connecting the top part of the pantograph to the bottom part, I’m assuming through a motor6d, but hopefully this could work