How to Round One Corner

Hey all, I’ve been trying to make my UI in some old games a little more consistent, and that means rounding corners to make it cleaner. However, I can only do one corner or it’ll look messy. I’m trying to round only this corner:
Is this possible to do? I’ve tried playing with different UI-related objects and scrolling through other topics but found nothing. Any helpful replies would be nice. Thanks! =D


Hey, nope, I don’t think you can, but you can add a UI corner and fill the other corners. or making a image :smiley:

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Your only choice here is a custom design, which is quite tedious. The decal will replace it.

A little bit tedious way but you can achieve this by having a 9-slicable square and normal circle. scale the circle and place at the corner you want it rounded, and overlap the gui you want it to be rounded with the rectangle to cover the remaining 3 corners.

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Make an Image in or some other image maker program and put it into an ImageLabel, but make sure you have the background Transparent.
On-Screen UI Containers | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Use UiCorner to round all of the 4 points on your frame and then add 3 small frames of the same color over the 3 corners you want to be straight.
Kinda like this:


Hey! There’s a simple way you can make your UI into round corner.

First of all, you can use this plugin which make your UI into round corner. This can include Frame, Textbutton, etc.

But, recently ROBLOX has announced UI Corner. Unfortunately this plugin may not be used.

UI Corner

If you want to know how to use UI Corner, absolutely I can show you the ways how to UI corner your user interface.

Step 1:
First, you’ll need to click ‘+’ ! This can be found any like Frame, Textbutton, etc.

Step 2:
Scroll down or search “UI Corner”, and you’ll find it. Once you find, “UI Corner” click it!

Step 3:
You’re done! If you would like to adjust size of corner round, you can go to properties and change by “CornerRadius”. For example, if you want circle. You can use 0, 100 or 0, 500.

Hope this help you! :grin:

Yeah but this rounds all the corners, not just 1.


As I said, just make a single Image and use that as the background instead of a adding a bunch of smaller images/guis to the corners.