How to save a table with DataStore2?

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I am trying to make a find the buttons game where when you click on each button you have it added to an index.

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The problem is I don’t know how to save a table of strings inside of DataStore2 and then check if the player doesn’t have a button in that table.

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I looked at a bunch of posts online but they weren’t relevant to my problem and I couldn’t find a solution.



If you’re trying to get the index of the inserted value, do table.find(FoundButtonTable, tostring(v.Name))

Yes. I have done that. The thing is I have a table that I want to save but I don’t know how to save the table and then check once the player joins again if they have gotten a button or not.

you should be able to just set and get the table.

assume foundbuttondata = {} for all new players

FoundButtonTable = foundButtonData:Get()