How to save bool value after player lefted server?

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As you read the title, you should know my question. Let me explain more.

Imagine every player in-game has bool value in their local player.

Bool value named: “PlayedGame”.

I already made a script when a player joins, the bool value set true.

But it won’t save value forever. Like when a player leaves the game, the bool value returns to false. So how can I save bool value?

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Use data store service.
DataStoreService (

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I already know about datastore, but I don’t know how to use it for bool values.

Use Data:SetAsync({true}), most not supported values for SetAsync can be saved with wrapping them inside a table but I do not recommend making a lot of storages for different values, just wrap them all inside a one table and save that table in only one storage.

Create an Boolean value and add that to your datastore
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That wouldn’t work, DataStores cannot save booleans, you need to wrap them in a table.

Oh yes, I was about to make an example

DataStores can save booleans because they can be serialised into a string format. Anything that’s serialisable into a string can be saved as a raw value to a DataStore or you can pass a table if you’re looking to store more than one value. Table wrapping is unnecessary for single-value DataStores.

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local function createStatsTable(player)
local playerStatsTable = {}
if player.leaderstats:GetChildren() then
for i, stat in pairs(player.leaderstats:GetChildren()) do
playerStatsTable[stat.Name] = stat.Value

return playerStatsTable


Weird, I tried saving booleans or strings in DataStore but did not work, but I already edited my post that provides the reasons why you should wrap every value that could be saved inside a table in only one DataStorage

Here a simple code i have made,

	local DS = game:GetService("DataStoreService") -- get datastoreservice
	local plyhasjoined = DS:GetDataStore("PlyHasJoined" .. Ply.UserId) --get the datastore
	if plyhasjoined:GetAsync("Value") == nil then --verify if the async VALUE is nil (if player never joined)
		print("player is new !")
		plyhasjoined:SetAsync("Value", true)
	else -- else if player has arledy joined
		print("player arledy joined !")

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this is what I wrote. why do you copying it ?

Ok, I try every code, which worked I mark as a solution.