How to save data table in game in right way

How can I get data from the data store and store it in a table in the game so that I can query the data from the table later?

The problem is that I must use LoadData() before CheckData(), is there a way to just use CheckData() without using LoadData()?

local PlayersData = {}

function LoadData(Player,Slot)

	PlayersData[Player.Name] = {
		["Something"] = false

	print(PlayersData) -- this shows playername and "Something" inside

function CheckData(Player,Slot,...) 
	local path = {...}

	print(PlayersData) -- this shows nothing in table
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i suggest using ProfileService, its very good at this and helps prevent data loss

I think Suphi´s Datastore is a bit better to use: (2) Suphi’s DataStore Module Basics - Roblox Scripting Tutorial - YouTube

Wanna know the difference? Check: (2) DataStore2 vs ProfileService vs Suphi’s DataStore Module - YouTube

There is a lack of data that I can draw from the script you gave? How are you calling the functions? A function can’t run if it is not called.

interesting, does this still use tables to store everything and save to datastore only when the player leaves? i may switch to this

I need to call the LoadData() function once (when player joins the game) to save the data in the game until the player leaves, so that every time I use CheckData() it will give me the latest saved data.

You can use a conditional statement to check if the player index exists in the PlayerData:

function CheckData(Player,Slot,...) 
	local path = {...}
        if PlayersData[Player.Name] then
        print("Data found")
        --Add code that handles data if there is data loaded
        print("No Data found")
        --Add code that handles data if there is none loaded
	print(PlayersData) -- this shows nothing in table

Edit: Apologies for poor format, the tab button wasn’t working for while I was writing the post

problem was that i used module, not the server script, so module data saves only in one script where it was called