How to save game to group?

hello, I have an existing game with 1 million visits. I want to add the game to my group, however I don’t want to delete the existing stats.

Can I just save the game and change the creator and it keeps the game’s stats?

I’m not sure if this will save the data but this might be worth a shot.

First, select a template in studio and publish it on your group.

Then, go to the game you want to switch to the group, press file, and press “Publish To Roblox As.”

Finnaly, find the game you published to the group and save it as that.

I am not sure that there is any other way to do this. Please let me know if this works.

I don’t have to test it to know that it obviously is not going to use the stats of the game. It’s just going to use the stats of the template.

Oh ok, yeah I think your out of luck at that point not sure there is any other way without loosing all the data. Sorry.

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