How to save player clothes?

Hi guys, I’d like to know how I can save the player’s clothes, someone has some video or something that can help me please

There is no video that will give you the code directly for this.

To implement a clothes saving system, you need to retrieve the ID’s of the player’s clothes. One way to do this is by making an API call using :GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(). This will return the player’s appearance including accessories, pants, and shirt/t-shirt.

From there, you need to use DataStoreService to store the ID’s of the player’s clothes. You’ll likely need to store all the hats into a table since many player’s equip more than one hat.

When loading the player, you’ll need to recreate the clothes. To do this, you can use InsertService.

As a disclaimer, this isn’t the proper way to be using #help-and-feedback:scripting-support. No one will give you direct answers to implementing a system like this. You need to work on the code yourself and if you find yourself stumped, you can ask here for assistance.