How to Save Robux (LONG TERM)

Heya Broskis! What I’m about to present to you today, is a way to avoid the brunt of Roblox taxes in the short term, and save those precious robuckaroos (or “bobux”, as I hear they’re commonly called) in the long term.
“How does this relate to development?”, you may be wondering.
Well, as I’m sure most of you are aware, there are two main methods to transferring robux on the platform when doing commissions or selling assets:

1: Direct payout to the developer through group funds. OR
2: Indirect payout through t-shirt or similar to the developer, with a 30% tax and a 3 day pend period.

So, not directly related, but close enough. (I hope. It has taken me a while to write this.) What happens most of the time is, clients pay developers through this second method. That’s all fine and good, but consider this example:

Builderman completes a building commision for John Doe. John does not have any funds in his group, so he elects to pay Builderman through t-shirt. John pays 10k robux through t-shirt to Builderman, and Builderman receives 7k, after tax.
A few weeks later, Builderman wants a stunning new profile picture of himself. He notices Jane Doe does drawing commissions, and commissions her to draw him a profile picture. He does not have a group, so decides to pay her through t-shirt. He pays 7k robux to Jane Doe through t-shirt, and Jane Doe receives 4.9k, after tax.

Notice the problem here? John Doe’s 10k robux turned into Jane Doe’s 4.9k robux. “But how can this be avoided?” you may be asking yourself, now thoroughly intrigued. In short, groups. In long, well, that’s what you came here for.

Now, I’ll give the same example, but altered slightly.
John Doe commissions Builderman for 10k robux. Builderman has a group he uses to store funds (we’ll talk about that more later), and creates a t-shirt within that group for John Doe to buy. John Doe pays 10k, Builderman’s group gets 7k, after tax.

A few weeks later, Builderman commissions Jane Doe for a PFP. This time though, Builderman has some funds in his group. He does a one-time payout of 7k R$ to Jane Doe, and Jane Doe immediately gets 7k R$, free of tax, with no pending wait time.

Now I can just picture all your faces, something like shock. No? Ah, well then.
Moral of the story? Create a group to store your funds from commissions, then pay others with those funds. You don’t even have to cover tax (which you should be doing if you’re paying through t-shirt or something similar)!

Of course, there’s a slight drawback. If everyone made “fund groups” for themselves, no one would want to be payed through group funds, because they can’t directly transfer those into the group. Of course, it’s still nice to have some robux on hand anyway, so it’s not a huge drawback.

All in all, I do hope you learned something here. Thanks for reading all the way through, (unless you didn’t, then thanks at least for clicking the heart below so more people can see this :heart:)
and I hope you all have a great day.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


There is a waiting period that is required to receive payouts. This might be unsuitable for some commissions.


Why are you using Builderman, John Doe and Jane Doe as an example?

though I do not do commisions, so this is sueless for me, but this can be good for future use, but Jane Doe needs to be in a group for a certain amount of time unfortunately for builderman to pay her

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Alternate description: “When you feel like spending your robux, don’t”