How to save the items you own, to equip them manually?

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This title may look confusing, let me explain you.

I have a tool datastore, but the problem is that when you have a lot of items, backpack messes up and you cant find your items in the same order.

To prevent that i decided to make a system that saves the tools you own, but you have to manually select which ones you want to use. Like a weapon loadout selector or the Jailbreak gun shop, where you go, select the weapons you want and you are ready to go.

The problem is, i dont have too much idea about how to do this. Im thinking on using BoolValues so they become true if you own the tool, and if the value is true, you can equip it. If not you have to buy it.

Do you have any other ideas or methods to do this? I would really appreciate any kind of useful ideas to archieve this!

I hope you can help me, thanks!


check whether they own it in the tool datastore instead of with boolvalues?

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Yeah, i have been thinking on that too. Its more direct and easier than using values to ensure they own the item

Sorry for another (and very late) response, but one of the problems was that my current data store system just saves the items you have in the backpack, so thats why the boolvalues, to check if player bought the item if true,and tool just clones when they click an “equip” button.

You could try to save each item they have in like an “allitems” datastore type thing and then get it and check whether they have it, could take a lot more work than what you have tbh