How To Save Tools When Being Eliminated And Leaving Help

Hi, I’m trying to save tools and have wrote a script but it hasnt worked, im confused.

The game has a folder called Tools in server storage
when players buy the tools from the shop i want them to save when respawning and when leaving.

How do i do this ?

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What script did you write? Either a datastore script or a temporary inventory-table system shouldve been constructed

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This should be like saving datastores but instead, if you already have a script you should focus on getting into the player(s) backpack and saving it within the script exactly like you would do it to a normal data value. I’m not the best on datastore things but there should be some posts around the devforum which contain information on how to do this.


To save player tools, use DatastoreService
To permanently keep tools that player bought, parent the tool into StarterGear


I have put here some resources you can use

Gamer m8’s tutorial worked for me, maybe it will work for you

Here is a model I found which can help
If it won’t work, look at the output and see what is needed

I don’t usually post here, so if there is an error reply and tell me
If it worked, I’m happy
Good luck @TheEternalDev
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