How to save your island?

I have been trying to add a saving island script for a game I have been working on, but I can’t figure it out when there is multiple islands so you can’t save the cframe. So Like I am trying to make it like how Islands Have it AKA Skyblox but I don’t know how to make it. Can anyone give me some tips.

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Serialization, with HTTP service and DataStore is all you need here in order to achieve it, there’s a tutorial around the community about serialization.

With Some calculations.

what would the HTTP service for?


What they most likely do is have some sort of invisible part, and then save the CFrame of all the blocks in relation to that invisible part.

I see Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

You do not need to use the HTTP service.

Maybe they’re few tricks to achieve it without using HTP service.

He said on topic about serialization:

If you played with Datastore for enough time, I think you already know that Instances such as parts and models ect. can’t be simply saved using :SetAsync() , which makes it hard to save objects. Most people, with games that are supposed to have slots and stuff on them that you want to save, get stuck when doing this, although, I think finding a way to go over this is quite easy.

I read the article that is not why he used it, thats is for the serialization

I attempted to create one before. only Datastore Service without HTTPService.
Didn’t work…

You cannot save RGB value, Vector3/CFrame value.

I don’t think your understanding what he is using it for in the article.

I know that he converts those into a table.

It won’t work without serialized those values.