How to scale body parts?

How should I scale or resize body parts?

It depends on your usage. If the scale will never change and be consistent across all game-play then you can change the scale settings in your game’s settings. Does that answer your question? If you need to change scale on the fly there are NumberValues in a player’s Humanoid that will change the player’s scale.

Nonono, With code, is there a way of doing it?
If so, how?
because Sizing the parts will act weird

Their are NumberValues in the Humanoid to change scale of the full character model. Have yet to find a simple method to do individual parts.

If you want to change the size of a body part, couldn’t you just do for an example

local part = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Head

part.Size =, 100, 100)

Sorry if I’m being dumb, but that’s how I’d do it.

When I tested it the only issue you run into is the limbs don’t adjust their position so the limbs get disconnected from the body.

Create a new weld beforehand, then? I think that could work, since I think welds get disconnected if you resize one of the parts.