How to scale images properly?

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I’m currently working on uploading some basic, pixelated images for my game. I couldn’t manage to find any other threads relating to this. This one is a single bullet, the original image being 14x14, so very small. When I try to put it in an ImageLabel/ImageButton however, it becomes very blurry when it’s scaled up. Does anyone know of a way to keep the ‘crispness’ of the original 14x14 image? For reference, the button displayed here is roughly 90x90, but the button changes scale depending on the user’s screen.



try changing the scale type to crop maybe

You’re going to want a higher res photo - Roblox doesn’t attempt to upsample your images for you. If you want a 90x90 button, then you’re going to want AT LEAST a 90x90 source image.

Yes, if you have a small starting image and import it into studio and make it bigger, then unfortunately the resolution does go down, I would try making the image bigger in the external program you made it in, and then import it to studio, resizing shouldn’t affect resolution then.

However I myself haven’t tested to see if this works, first time for everything I guess? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck, hope I helped

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Upscale your 14x14 image to 1024x1024 (roblox’s resolution limit) then try again, it will be better this time

Upsample? Roblox uses three point, its the image method what Roblox gotta allow us to change

Just coming back to this to provide the solution:

IF YOUR IMAGE IS BLURRY ON GUI, TRY SWITCHING IT TO ResampleMode > Pixelated. Worked for me in this case.

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yep its the solution, i think its nearest neighbour scaling or “Box”

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