How to scale items in a UIGridLayout

Hey everyone! Quick question -

If I’m adding textbuttons to a gridlayout via, how would I go about scaling them?

Usually I use a plugin

If you are using UIGridLayout to format TextButtons, the UIGridLayout already has properties included where you can edit the size of each tile (Text Button) and the padding between each tile (Spacing between Text Buttons).

( Edit: Should also note that the CellSize works similar to how sizing buttons, boxes, and labels are through the use of UDim2. e.g. [0.2, 5, 0.4, 10] )

Look into CellSize and CellPading under the UIGridLayout’s properties. UIGridLayout | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Not sure if this will help with your exact case but if the TextButtons aren’t variable what I do is create one in the Studio GUI the way I like it and then move it to ReplicatedStorage. Then when adding one to the UIGridLayout I just Clone the template and update the properties that differ.

This is what I’ll do, thanks!

I prob should have thought of this…