How to scale mobile text in a GUI?

So I have already searched this up in the developer forums and I have used Auto-Scale Lite to scale all of my buttons for mobile. Although I have already done that, the text is still too small and I can’t find out how to scale the text. How do I fix this? Note: I have already clicked Scale Text in the properties tab for all of the text buttons.

This is how it looks on PC

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Can you send a picture of the properties of a button or two, and explorer view of the UI?

Edit: Without more information, I am unsure what could cause this.

Here are the properties of my “Skip Stage” button.


Now is that mobile or PC


I have tried to use TextScaled but it becomes even smaller.

Try using a UITextSizeConstraint for your text. It will make the text as big as possible while still scaling if you have TextScaled on.

This isn’t the only problem. In general, your scaling makes all of the elements in the UI very small for mobile devices. Considering that mobile users have to use their fingers, having small buttons is not the ideal way to scale this. Consider resizing your UIs or make them bigger for mobile screens only while keeping the same sizes for larger resolutions.

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