How to script a non-Anchored conveyor belt

I’ve been working on A sandbox game and one of the parts I’m making is a non-anchored conveyor similar to the ones in plane crazy

I have attempted multiple ways of creating an unanchored conveyor and nothing I have tried has worked. the normal method of making a conveyor belt moves the conveyor instead of the part on it when unanchored, and I saw a post on another thread saying to apply body movers to touching parts, but I don’t know how to do that. Whenever I get touching parts, the touching part is removed and readded each time I move, resulting in constant reapplication of the body mover. I tried region3 but I have to constantly loop that script even while nothing is touching to detect touching parts, which results in a lot of lag. How should I detect players touching and no longer touching the parts without too much lag and constant reapplication? Also, what type of body mover would be best for this, because the vector forces that I used did not keep a consistent speed and moved at different speeds for different parts?

Also, I am trying to make the conveyor seem as normal and similar to the original as possible.

You could weld the parts together possibly and then when the said part is Touched it breaks that weld.

while wait() do
script.Parent.Velocity = script.Parent.CFrame.LookVector * 23 -- Set this number to whatever

You can probably add a weld to it so it doesnt move

how would welding the parts touching the conveyor together and then breaking the weld help? or am I misunderstanding this?

this is the first thing I tried, it works for non-anchored conveyors but when you unanchor the conveyor belt and the parts welded to it, they just end up moving around instead of moving the parts that are touching them.
robloxapp-20221027-2259446.wmv (1.6 MB)

update: I looked at plane crazy and even they didn’t actually have the effect I wanted with the smoother conveyors. If anyone figures out how to make a conveyor that acts the same as a normal conveyor but while unanchored then feel free to reply.