How to script this Admin Panel i made *Inspired by @Valkyrop*

Pls can anyone help me script this Admin Panel with all the Commands inside it its ok if no one replies i really understand but if you decide to help me thank you so much

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So first off, there are over 100 commands, no one is going to tell you how to make 100+ commands on the devforum. @Valkyrop used remote events that fire for when the command is clicked/executed

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yeah ok no no thats not what i meant i meant is on how to make those Panel work

My admin panel is getting released today or tomorrow, and you’ll be able to see all you need there.
[if you’re patient to wait]
What I did is to name the buttons in your commands name [e.g - kill,jump,etc]
make for each of them a frame[name the frame the same], and from there simply fire the event etc.

like on if a player buys a private server in my game they would get an Button saying that VIP Panel

yeah i am and i am excited to see it

Is the telekinesis power on the new one? Or will I have to re add it?

it would detect players that owns a private server

any of you know how to script that?

@Valkyrop do you know how to make a system that u can chat the Command [ex. :fly, me] then the player flies

Making those types of commands are very simple as well. You will pretty much just need to check when the player chats (player.Chatted:Connect(function(msg))

Here’s a video I made 9months ago

thank you so much @domboss37 ill try to watch it

sorry for a late reply but what I do is that I make a remote event somewhere(in the GUI or repstorage, then I add a server script that detects when the .OnServerEvent fires, then connect it to a function that detects if the command is available in a module script if it is then it fires it. for ex.

local Mods = require(script.Moderators)
local CommandFunctions = require(script.Commands)
local CommandReciver = game.ReplicatedStorage.CommandSender
function RunCommand(arguments)
	if CommandFunctions[cmd] then

function VerifyCommand(arguments)
	if table.find(Mods,sender.UserId) then -- 
		sender:Kick("ur hax wont work on server sanity checks noob")

ModuleScript Parented to the server script

local module = {}
module.Kill = function(arguments)
     --ur code here

What it does is that it
A: Checks if the command “Kill” is valid
B: Fires the command if “Kill” is valid
you can modify the code that I gave you for your own admin because we don’t have the same systems lol.

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thank you so much @SStormsurfer199 ill try that, above all thanks for helping

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