How to scroll horizontally using MouseWheel (and not shift+MouseWheel)?

My current game will not use vertical scrolling in ScrollingFrame, but only horizontal scrolling.
However, the default mouse shortcut for horizontal scrolling is Shift+MouseWheel.
How could I make the horizontal scrolling for ScrollingFrame using just MouseWheel (without having to press shift)?

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I believe you can set ScrollingFrame.ScrollingDirection to just X to achieve this:

ScrollingFrame.ScrollingDirection = Enum.ScrollingDirection.X

It didn’t work. Did you test in your Studio?

I’ve recently tried to set the ScrollingDirection to X; however, from my own application, it doesn’t want to scroll horizontally. I had to resort to pressing Shift and scroll in order to scroll horizontally.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to change.
Is there any way in Roblox Scripting to intercept a mouse signal and change it to other behavior (like I can do with Autohotkey)?