How to secure scripts serverside?

How I can secure script serverside?
i was thinking some ways of https enconding the data or something, but can someone tell me the way you secure your scripts?

When you mean “secure”, do you mean you are using remote event and the client is doing FireClient?

FireServer, and I am firing a remote event.

You’ll just have to assume on the server that any data the client sends has in some way been tampered with. As such you should do sanity checks with data already available in the server and not first sent by the client to verify the integrity of what you got sent.

There is no way to “secure” things going over the network, but the code running in your server is safe from tampering.

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But, for example, stuff like
RemoteSpy, if I send something they can just see what I send, is there a way to fight this?

There’s no way against this. Exploiters will forever be able to inspect and fake all traffic going over remote events; even if you obfuscate it, the local scripts that produce this obfuscation can still be read.


Well, that’s pretty ugly, Roblox should do a whitelist for programms that should be open to allow playing roblox, so sad :confused:

They do something similar and very effective. Unfortunately no matter what you do, it is the user’s computer, and any measure can be bypassed.

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