How to see number of purchases of an item?

So I have been making Shirts recently and I used to be able to see the number of Shirts I had sold for each design under the Create tab which was a very helpful tool in determining which designs worked best.

I have been trying to see the number of sales that my new Shirt has and ever since the Create tab was updated I am unable to see it. The only time I can go back to the old Create tab is when creating Sponsored or User ads.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if Roblox got rid of that feature with the update of the new Create site. I would appreciate any help!

Hey, someone correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Roblox has this feature right now for whatever reason.

I’ve read some people use (or at least used to use) the Roblox Market Place API to calculate their sales, I’m not sure if this is a current solution, but hopefully it helps.

Here’s a link to a game I found from another forum post asking a similar question:


Thank you this helps so much!! Hopefully there are also features for Plugin creators too because I know someone who is also struggling since he cannot find this feature anymore.

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fr, not sure why it would be removed, hope all goes well!

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