How to send BodyForce projectile to mouse position?

I am trying to create a bow and arrow atm and originally I had used BodyVelocity to launch the arrow, but I realized that there is no way to create arrow drop with BodyVelocity (I think, If I’m wrong please let me know). So I am trying to switch to BodyForce at the minute

My issue right now is that I can’t figure out how to send the projectile to the mouse position.

Here is the code I have right now

		local bf ="BodyForce")
		bf.Force = - script.Parent.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Position).Unit * arrow:GetMass() * 10
		bf.Parent = arrow

(direction is just mousePos)

I would not use any body movers, and instead calculate the initial velocity you need to reach your goal and just set it directly, like the basketball in this article:


I appreciate the source and I actually plan on looking to use that instead of body velocity, but I’m having an issue I can’t fix with this script.

I’ve had this issue before where the farther from the character you click, the faster the projectile travels. Last time I just added .Unit to the end of the velocity formula but now that is not working and actually messing up the formula, and idea on how to fix this?


local v0 = (mouse.Hit.p - x0 - 0.5*g*t*t)/t
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My bad, I thought that’s the effect you were looking for.

Do you just want the arrow to just have an initial velocity in the direction of your mouse? Because that’s just

arrow.Velocity = (mouse.Hit.Position - v0).Unit * initialSpeed
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Ah this worked for me after i changed the “t” variable to a smaller value, appreciate the help