How To Send Player Feedback

Hi, I’m @RuizuKun_Dev

You have reached our Player Feedback Instruction Page, only a few steps and your report will reach the developers of your Favorite game!

  1. Prepare your Report;

    • Make sure to Include the Game Title

    • Make sure to include the Game Version found in the bottom right of the screen

  • If it is a Bug or Glitch please put this in the Title [Bug/Glitch] with a name to describe what is happening

    • If it is a Suggestion or Idea please put this in the Title [Suggestion/Idea] with a name to describe what is the feature is about

    • If it is about a Cheater or Exploiter, we already have an Automated process to deal with them so they do NOT have to be reported.

    • Describe your report as detailed as you can, this will help Developers to spend less time on reports and ensure more time for Updating the game;
      It should be easily understood and include steps to repeat the issue

    • Provide Proof and Evidence;
      Make sure to attach a Video of the issue and a screenshot of the Output (Press F9 to Open)
      You can either upload the video to Youtube or Send it as an attachment in the Message

  1. Message to @RuizuKun_Dev or on Twitter or Game’s Group Wall with the Report you created and wait for a response!
    Now just sit back relax and enjoy your favorite game while we work on Reports and Updates.

(We will have multiple channels to receive feedback and reports in the near future)

Thank you for playing our game and taking your time to send us feedback!