How to send the command in developer console by the server script?

I want to change the color of the roblox menu buttons. to do this, I write several commands to the developer console, I do not know any other way to send commands with the highest priority. I studied the coregui files, but I didn’t find a method to send a console command. If someone knows, please tell me. The player will send a remote function with a command to change the color at the entrance, and if the color is suitable and the command is correct, then the script will have to execute this command through the developer console to change the color scheme to light

You can run this line from Command Bar in Studio:
game.CoreGui.TopBarApp.TopBarFrame.LeftFrame.MenuIcon.Background.BackgroundTransparency = 0.5

You will see the change into the Roblox icon of the CoreGui…

But I think Command Bar in Studio runs at higher level than Developer Console.

Any code run from a Script that belongs to ServerScriptService, or in game, is not able to change anything from the CoreGui… only exploits/injectors/etc can play with the CoreGui. Affecting only themeselves.

As I understand, a Dev should not being able to change the appearance, buttons, layout, colors, etc, of the CoreGui. Cause that could lead to Scams. So its not encouraged to change anything in the CoreGui.

If someone finds a workaround on how to edit the CoreGui buttons/layout from a script in game, I think should be reported, isnt?

Personally, I’d love to be able to manipulate entire CoreGui to fit a gameStyle… At least is possible to hide/disable some, but, having more features to customize them would be awesome!

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Thank you for your detailed answer! I can see from your profile that you have extensive knowledge of development. Can you help me with my other problem? I’ve been trying to solve it all day today, but no one knows how to fix a bug. I can pay for it. ghtg#3326