How to send/transfer data between different games

Hey! I’m currently developing a training center game for my group which allows users to train to achieve their next rank. I’m trying to make a system so 5 minutes before a training starts, the host of the training can press a button and it will send a message to the main game (which is a completely different game/universe under the same group) which will then trigger a GUI to pop up saying that trainings are starting.

TLDR ; I am trying to send data from one game to another (not places) but am not sure how to do so.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks! :heart:

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Also, I am aware of MessagingService but I do not believe this allows data transfers through different games - only different places under the same game.

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Alright. I see what you mean with Messaging service. It would indeed work! Make some values in a script for example
local cashVal = plr.leaderstats.Cash.Value

Then do that with data you want to send and make a script that saves data in both Universes.

Considering this is being done on separate universes your assumption that MessagingService wouldn’t be ideal is correct. You may want to look into getting an external database to handle these requests.

I wouldn’t recommend this, but if you want to get really really basic here, you could use the TrelloAPI to create a card in a specific list whenever that button is pressed. Then in the main game, have the .CardAdded event on that particular list whenever the card is added.

I have a system which is kind of related to sending data from different experiences which is sending points from one game to another. I use an external database (Firestore) for this and I’ve yet to run into any issues with it.


Adding to what @kry1068 and @alphadoggy111 said:

when making sub-places to your main game consider making it a place in the same game instead of a whole game

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