How to set auto update enabled for Roblox studio

Im not sure of it is the front category if so tell me where it must do I can move it as it can hopefully

Since Roblox come with the Bayfron update is wine support not allowed so I must use windows 11 to stay use Roblox studio but on linux studio automatically update but now on windows 11 it not updated automatically so kast I get an massage that I must reinstalled Roblox studio because it was outdated it’s enoyining because it reset my docked widgets

So my question how updating for Roblox studio

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Roblox should automatically update Studio when you open its launcher.

If you’re facing an error where Roblox keeps saying its outdated, you will have to try and uninstall Roblox and clearing the Roblox Folder (scroll to the “Delete the Roblox Folder” section).

If this doesn’t help when you install Studio again, try to install it from the Creations Dashboard.

In Studio:
File > Studio Settings > Settings > Auto-recovery
There you can set the location of the auto-save files (make sure it’s where you want them), the time between saves, and Auto-Recovery Enabled.

@Scottifly I think OP is asking how to update the Studio software itself, not games.

Ye I has reinstalled it but as it is always so be my docked widgets destroyed each mount

And I must to settings> apps > Roblox studio> tree dots remove > then install it