How to set style of scrolling frame?

how can i set style of scrolling frame to roblox round, is it possible?

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I normally just make the background transparency 0, and add a textlabel then use Roundify on it.


How to use it, for me it is generating white screen.

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Ensure, if you have check the isBorder option you ensure the z axis of the new background is lower than the actual scrolling frame, otherwise it will be on top of the frame hiding it.

It will generate and image, you will have to go to properties and change Zindex to 0 if you want it to be the background, then you can change the color by changing ImageColor3. (Correct me of I’m wrong).

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So isnt it easier, to put classic frame under the scrolling frame?

Its gonna be exactly the same if you want it round.(I’m pretty sure)