How to set the teams order?

I am having a lot of trouble getting the teams to be in a order:

  • Management
  • Employee
  • Customer
    but it will change the order to a random order, how can I fix this?

It could place it in a different order because of the color, or alphabet. Try to putting numbers in front of the teams. Or if it is the color, change it from red to purple.

Let me know if it worked, btw


After I tested though none worked. It just keep locked into a order.


So that means that the teams are not in order in the Team properties. Where you can see which teams have been added, you’ll have to make sure that Management would be on top. And if it is in the correct order there, that means that it is a studio bug.


If i am not wrong, the correct way is to put them one by one in the order you want.

Example: drag them to workspace, then put in this order: Management, Employee and Customer.


The problem is in roblox studio it is setup correctly in the right order but when I join the game its in the wrong order. (Also wrong order in studio test)

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From what I can tell it changes based on when it was created, the best was to do it is create a team and copy it to the amount of teams needed. Then change the names and colors as needed.


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