How to set-up: A.O.P Area of Roleplay

How to set up A.O.P (Area of Roleplay): The product comes in two ways and an Easy set-up:

  1. PeaceTime [UserIDs] - Use your Roblox Profile ID.
  2. PeaceTime [Usernames] - Use your Roblox username.
    Open Folders:
    PaceTimeUI > StarterGui > Then put “PeaceTimeUI” in StarterGui
    then Open the “ServerScriptService” Folder Pick how you want to use your Pacetimer by Username or by User ID
    For PeaceTime [Usernames], use your Roblox username with @(you_rname) under your name. For PeaceTime [UserIDs], use your Roblox Profile ID, and you can add more IDs by placing each person’s ID below the number.

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