How to set World Pivot Position of a Part in Studio?

I often need to rotate some parts around an exact pivot, which I would like to enter as coordinates.
However I do not see World Pivot Position property for the parts in Studio.
I see it only for models.
So I have to constantly convert part to model and then back to part because of this.
Is there a possibility to set World Pivot Position for parts?

Thanks in advance


World Pivot Position references multiple parts. Pivot Position is for a single part. It is a standard part property, just scroll down.



This is the Offset position, which is relative the object’s position.
I need to set the absolute pivot position (i.e. the World Pivot position)


Would be great if someone could at least give a tutorial on the easiest way to achieve this. I also find it extremely inconvenient that there is no way to set a global space position for a parts pivot

Edit: My intended use case is setting the pivot position to the world space position of an attachment



As far as I know, it’s not possible to set the pivot position to a world position, therefore you have to do some fancy stuff with CFrames to achieve the desired effect.

Here’s the code!

-- Declare variables
local part = workspace.PartOne
local partTwo = workspace.PartTwo

-- Set the pivot position of part
part.PivotOffset = partTwo.CFrame:Inverse() * part.CFrame

You’re welcome : )

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