How to share animation in roblox studio (Team Create)

You read the title, Basically every time I work on a game with my friends, Co-worker Etc.
We need to share animation and Allowed to copy,
(So our Friends Could see the animations in action themself in Roblox studio), the problem is, it takes a WHILE, it could take half of our energy just to put this up if the animations is already exist within that game, and each time we make animations we have to shared them and allowed copy, so I want to know, is there a way to make this much much shorter, and less annoying,
Any clue how? it will be much appreciated

I don’t use team create too much but if you are trying to share your animations with someone copy your animation that is in ServerStorage, copy and paste it into an empty baseplate and add a rig. Then save the empty baseplate that has the rig and animation into a file in your laptop (not save to roblox), send it through discord or email. I’m not sure if this works with Roblox’s default animation plugin, this works with moon animator though. (For me this method takes abt a minute to do so it’s relatively fast.)

Hope this helps!

Sorry for late responds, but that works very well, ty so much!

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